Chalk Finish Paint

Amitha Verma Furniture Paint can quickly and easily transform old, ordinary furniture (even if you think it’s junky) into a stunning painted masterpiece. Give your furniture an unbelievable makeover with Amitha Verma Furniture Paint. Gorgeous, accurate designer colors makes it impossible for you to pick the wrong color. With Amitha Verma Furniture Paint, you can reinvent your home in under two hours and finally have a home you love! Comes in such enchanting colors as Chantilly White, Champagne Yellow, Manor Beige, Chambord Gray, Provence Blue, French Gray, Jardin Green, Noir Black, Belgian Blue, Latte Beige.

In just 3 simple steps, you can create a stunning room that embodies simplicity and luxury. To start, you paint it, clear wax it, then dark wax it. Timeless design and decades of experience went into designing this color. Bring elegance to any room with luxurious Chantilly white. This gorgeous white strikes the perfect balance between stark and creamy and creates undeniable charm in any room. This classic color blends effortlessly into any existing color palette. A true customer favorite! Complete your project with my Amitha Verma Furniture Paint gray and brown wax to create the dreamy, designer layered look you love. Get started today.